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We offer our very own Radiomat white box film and Fuji film.

Radiomat High Quality Film

Best in market place x-ray film High Contrast Agfa X-Ray film X-Ray Film Featuring the most advanced "lamina crystal" technology. Agfa Radiomat X-Ray Film Featuring the most advanced "Anti-Crossover" technology. Xray film lamina crystals are specially shaped to allow a larger amount of light to expose the film, resulting in maximum detail visibility and smooth, low noise images. These xray film can be exposed in green or blue / green emitting rare-earth screens for a 400-Speed system Great X-Ray film for X-Ray Clinics, MRI Centers, Chiropractors, Veterinary, Orthopedic

Fuji Film

X-Ray Film provides maximum image quality for
general-purpose radiology. This film is compatible with existing generating equipment, cassettes and screens. Our X-Ray Film is manufactured by Fuji and is second to none in quality. This Half Speed Blue Film is high contrast and fine grain yields very sharp images.