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Sedecal X Plus LP Plus


The general radiographic system SEDECAL X PLUS LP PLUS is designed to give the maximum flexibility and clinic productivity, including a great range of possible studies for Trauma applications, thorax, urology, abdomen, urgencies, enabling AP/PA, lateral exposures on rodable table and even projections.

The total integrated system combines modern technology of the High Frequency X-Ray Generator with the Flat Panel technology for Direct Digital Acquisition; all designed to give an user-friendly operator system and easy positioning of the patient, thanks to the fully motorized system with variable SID and anti-collision systems.


Floor-to-wall mounted support, with fully motorized “U” arm for all movements, with full Dual Speed motorized swivel arm on all movements for effortless and accurate setting.

Electromagnetic brakes for all movements

Easy positioning and Friendly used of the system

Positioning control for all the movements, are available from the tube/collimator head, enabling to control SID distance, height of the system, angulations for the swivel arm and detector, and also two automatic positioning buttons for Chest and under table positioning.

Positioning Movements Controls is duplicated on the Bucky/detector Cabinet, to control the system from the patient side.

10 programs for positioning the most common studies are able from the flat LCD 10” color Control display, making the positioning with one bottom after the selection of the program.

The system through the 10” flat display is able to control generator exposure parameter, enabling to preset or modify  the parameter from inside of the room before going out side to make the exposures

The last function could be the most interesting and functional of the previous, as the digital system is fully integrate with the system, the operator control console APR has been preprogram with the exposure parameters type of study (KVP, mA, mAs y time) and also with the mechanical position (SID, Angulations of arm & detector, height of the system and even collimation in case of having autocollimator) for each study, giving the auto position of the system with one bottom

Also is Available a infrared remote control for all the movements of the system SID, Angulations of arm & detector, height of the system and even collimation blades, that enables move the system from inside or outside of the room

6 Redundancies Security Systems 

Volumetric control depending on the characteristics of the Room in order to avoid possible collisions during the positioning of the system.

Anti-collision pressure sensor during the movement of the system along the Swivel arm.

Double Photocell system:

One at the Start of the “U” arm area which change automatically the speed of the system to slow motion to not harm the patient when is inside the arm arch.

And close to the end of the “U” arm area, is the second photocell that blocks automatically the system  to avoid to harm the patient

The Detector Bumper allocated on the bottom of the detector cabinet that when the system is moving down and hits something the system automatically react not only stopping, also goes back up to release the possible  pressure make

Emergency Brake allocated on the lateral of the detector Cabinet that enables to fully block the system in case of wrong functioning at any time“Parachute system”, the system has a sensor that is controlling the tension of the steel cable that move the system up and down and if the if is detect any lose of tension, a mechanical block is activate to block the system, avoiding even a complete brake of the steel cable cut